Singapore Ranked Most Expensive Country In The World

Singapore Ranked Most Expensive Country In The World

For 4 consecutive years running now, Singapore has been named the most expensive city to live.
According to research done by economists, they’ve compiled a report with the results of a cost of living survey that went out in countries across the world. This survey logged the prices paid for hundreds of products and services, which include the costs of basic necessities, daily travel, and household items.

The survey used New York City as their constant and the compared city gets its rank heightened or lower, based on the reported costs from the surveys.
Within the top 10 list, New York City is also the only on the list to come from North America. A majority of cities dominating the list come from Asia, making up half, with Europe following close behind at 4. You can check out the full list below:

10. Copenhagen, Denmark
9. New York City, United States
8. Paris, France
7. Geneva, Switzerland
6. Seoul, South Korea
5. Osaka, Japan
4. Tokyo, Japan
3. Zurich, Switzerland
2. Hong Kong
1. Singapore

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